About us

We deliver outcomes that keep our clients a step ahead in this digitally dynamic world. Working side by side with our partners, we guarantee end-to-end results. We provide effective solutions combining our knowledge and expertise.

Our History

With over 18 years of experience, Itiers was stablished in 2003 on Mendoza, Argentina

Our mission from the beginning was to guarantee the posibility of creating insights and build products.Insights wich serve as main purposes: decision making, objective setting and monitoring. Products are about creating value in the form of product features for our customers or tools for internal users.

Always looking for new goals to achieve, we are in permanent expansión. Destined currently to LATAM, Europe and North América.

Meet our team

We've had an amazing journey coming to where we are today! Coming from different academic backgrounds allows the team to approach and understand every need of the companies from different points of view.
As an interdisciplinary team, specialized in Data Engineer, Data Analytics, Data Science, and certified in Agile. We feel prepared to provide our customers effective and professional solutions.

Agile Methodology

Itiers is based on work systems that involves gradual planning on an ongoing basis as well as greater flexibility instead of creating five-year plans for major projects. Essentially, the company is expected to constantly adapt to new changes and customer or stakeholder feedback on a regular basis.